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Providing loans to their customers through WhatsApp Business

increase on loans granted through WhatsApp using promotion campaigns on the same channel.
of loan payment increase using the WhatsApp channel.
of all customer inquiries and requests are handled by Coppel Bot, the bank's virtual assistant without human intervention.
*Numbers from June 2021 in comparison to same period in 2020.
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Success story

Coppel is one of the most important Mexican retail stores. Beyond the traditional retail services, Coppel Group also has a bank: BanCoppel, and a retirement management fund, Afore Coppel. The company was the first of its kind in Latin America to implement the WhatsApp Business API to create a channel where the customers are able to perform credit transactions such as asking for and receiving loans.


A place to find everything you need

In operation for 80 years, Coppel is one of Mexicoʼs largest department stores,
stocking a wide variety of products from popular brands, and serving more than 15
million people. One of the storeʼs main services is its own private-label credit
system, which makes it possible for customers to quickly and easily get credit so
they can purchase Coppel products. The financial services division also provides
public service payments, international wires, etc.

THEIR goal

Transforming the way you ask and get a loan

As part of their digital strategy, Coppel wanted to provide their customers anadditional channel to apply, get loans, and make their recurrent payments, secu-
red, easy and in the friendliest way.

THEIR solution

Providing loans easy and faster than ever

Prior to this endeavor, Coppel had implemented an omnichannel strategy along with Yalo, a conversational commerce platform and certified WhatsApp Business Partner, to incorporate WhatsApp as a communication channel for their more than 15 million customers.

The results of this strategy were so positive that Coppel decided to expand the WhatsApp services to include credit transactions to their customers. Yalo worked along with Coppel to integrate the WhatsApp channel with the companyʼs credit system.

This allowed customers to apply for and receive loans, and to make recurring payments in a secure and friendly way through their preferred communication channel: WhatsApp.

With this strategy, Coppel was the first omnichannel department store both in Mexico and Latin America to provide loans through WhatsApp.

Coppel Bot, the virtual assistant, solves thousands of service requests from its customers
digitally, without the intervention of an agent, offering a convenient extended service schedule and a delightful experience.

THEIR success

Reaching the customers where they are

The partnership with Yalo and introduction of the WhatsApp Business API allowed Coppel to
strengthen their omnichannel digital strategy. The project went from a first phase where at the Coppel stores the customers with approved credit had the option to receive WhatsApp notifications for status updates about their credit applications and purchases, to a second phase where the customers are able to apply, get the loan and make the recurrent payments directly on the app.

This has resulted in the following:

Increase on loans granted through WhatsApp using promotion campaigns on the same channel.
Of loan payment
increase using the
WhatsApp channel.
Of all customer requirements on WhatsApp are handled by Coppel Bot, the virtual assistant, without human intervention.
At Coppel we know that we need to reach our customers on the channels they use and prefer, that’s why we are so proud to work with Yalo and WhatsApp to offer them the option to ask and receive a personal loan directly on their mobile devices, making their experiences frictionless and easier in terms of practicality, security and immediacy ”.
CIO, Coppel.


Products used

Yalo Platform
WhatsApp Business API

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